Villa Stiassni reminds Klara Beck-Loos, the last wife of Adolf Loos

31. 1. 2018

The book "Private portrait" devoted to the life of the father of modern architecture, still unknown family photographs and backstage of the famous buildings will be...

You will find the faces of twenty architects in the villa Stiassni

9. 1. 2018

On Friday, January 12, 2018, an exhibition called "Searching for Forms" begins in the exhibition hall of the villa Stiassni in Brno. The Brno sculptor, architect and...

The garden of villa Stiasni competes for the best change

14. 7. 2017

Competition and Traveling Exhibition "My Country Through the Ways of Change" brings testimony of the beneficial changes of neglected places and settlements in our...

Volunteers from Britain will help with work at the Villa Stiassni

24. 6. 2017

About a dozen volunteers from the United Kingdom will be assisting with work at villa Stiassni from 9 to 15 July. Selected parts of the garden, which in its time...

Vila Stiassni invites you to a mysterious chamber or visit Edvard Beneš

28. 4. 2017

It's been 72 years since the house in Brno-Pisárky hosted President Edvard Beneš. After this visit, all the wartime provisory has ended, and the house became the...

Vila Stiassni attracts to the fencer or to the Wedding Day in March

27. 2. 2017

Susanne - the youngest member of the Stiassni family that lived in a villa - was passionate fencer. Visitors can learn about fencing not only during the 20. century, but...

Vila Stiassni at the Regiontour fair

14. 1. 2017

All visitors to the Regiontour fair, which takes place 19 to 22 January 2017 at the Brno Exhibition Centre, are invited to stand of City of Brno and to Czechtourism...

Villa Stiassni played Vlasta Burian's house in new TV serie "Bohéma"

13. 1. 2017

Already on Sunday, January 15 TV screens will show the new serie called BOHEMA from the production of Czech Television. Vila Stiassni in it played a personal house of...

The beginning of the new year: flowers exhibition and romantic story come alive at night tours

9. 1. 2017

Vila Stiassni enters the third visitor season. And offers rich program with the atmosphere of the thitrties.