Stiassni villa, originally built for the family textile factory owner Alfred Stiassni, later to be known as a government villa that hosted many important state visits, such as President Edvard Benes or Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

The villa was built between 1927-1929 according to the design of the Brno architect Ernst Wiesner. It stands out primarily for its bold, almost castle-like interiors. The villa is surrounded by extensive gardens, with more than three hectares, in a luxury district of Brno Pisárky. After many years, when the villa served as a hotel for important state visits and was rented to celebrate birthdays, etc., In 2009 it was transferred under the administration of the National Heritage Institute and its recovery began, that tried to return the villa to the form of the period when the Stiassni family lived there It was opened to the public 14. December 2014.


Villa Stiassni reminds Klara Beck-Loos, the last wife of Adolf Loos

31. 1. 2018

The book "Private portrait" devoted to the life of the father of modern architecture, still unknown family photographs and backstage of the famous buildings will be...

You will find the faces of twenty architects in the villa Stiassni

9. 1. 2018

On Friday, January 12, 2018, an exhibition called "Searching for Forms" begins in the exhibition hall of the villa Stiassni in Brno. The Brno sculptor, architect and...

The garden of villa Stiasni competes for the best change

14. 7. 2017

Competition and Traveling Exhibition "My Country Through the Ways of Change" brings testimony of the beneficial changes of neglected places and settlements in our...

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