The beginning of the new year: flowers exhibition and romantic story come alive at night tours

Vila Stiassni enters the third visitor season. And offers rich program with the atmosphere of the thitrties.

In late January villa scented floral arrangements inspired by the elegance of the thirties. The display will include gladiolas, roses, hydrangea, calla, orchids and camellia. After a long time floral arrangements comes back, what was very usual when the villa was occupied by its builders. Hermine Stiassni loved garden flowers and spent her time with improving them almost every day with help of more than a dozen gardeners. In a large garden was flowers planted not only in beds, but also in greenhouses. Cut flowers in a villa used to be commonplace.

In the days from January 27 to February 5, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see the premiere of the opulent interiors of the villa combined with the flower arrangements created by a team of florist Slavek Rabusic. He successfully cooperate with the National Heritage Institute for many years. "In order to make floral arrangements available to the visitors as much as possible, the villa Stiassni will be unconventionally opened every day from Friday January 27 to Sunday, February 5," says about the event Petr Svoboda, head of the Methodical center of modern architecture in Brno, which administers the villa.

Along with floral decoration villa offers in two evenings, 27 and 28 January, costumed night tours. It will be a theatrical adaptation of the well-known story Dangerous Liaisons, which in the original set in the time of rococo. Theater and swordfighting group Exulis will perform this piece shifted in time to the 30s of the last century. Visitors can look forward to a renowned lover Valmont or to scheming Madame de Merteuil with the charm and grace of a modern woman.