Vila Stiassni attracts to the fencer or to the Wedding Day in March

Susanne - the youngest member of the Stiassni family that lived in a villa - was passionate fencer. Visitors can learn about fencing not only during the 20. century, but whole history of this great sport. Other events will attract fans of modern architecture or couples expecting a wedding.

The exhibition, entitled "En garde" represents fencing and fencers as prestigious sportsmans engaged art. It will be installed from 3rd to 26th of March as a part of villa exhibition. Cool weapons and other equipment has its origin from various collections of state castles and also from private sources. Fencing exhibitions will be included in tours on Saturday, March 4th (at 13, 14, 15 and 16 hrs.). Visitors will see a demonstration of the French fencing school under the guidance of a professional fencing master with the title of Maître tireur d'armes given by the French fencing academies. Visitors can enjoy a demonstration of fencing duels and then some of them will be able to test themselves selected actions.

To those, that are interested in wedding ceremonies, is dedicated Saturday, March 25th. On this day the house will be festively decorated - visitors will see wedding table with cakes, live music, demonstrations of wedding dresses, makeup, rings and notifications.

Lovers of industrial heritage can view an exhibition devoted to technical sights in Norway and the Czech Republic until March 19th. The exhibition is accompanied with the lecture of researcher Michaela Ryšková on Tuesday, March 14th at 17 o'clock. This lecture will allow to look back at Brno woolen industry. Another lecture will be held on March 28th, when professor Vladimír Šlapeta will present the most famous villas of the first half of the 20th century. All the lectures take place in a new lecture building in Preslova street and access to them is free.